Our Heritage

“Evolution can only be understood when there is a deep respect for tradition”

The commitment with our story and with
our own way of elaborating Jamon since 1920. Our heritage is controlling every step of the process, leaving nothing
to chance. Selecting the best Dehesas for our Ibérico pigs, the favorable
climate conditions for the dry-curing of “jamón” and the caring attention of
our “Maestros Jamoneros”, inspire each of our pieces a unique personality.

The habitat

“All our Iberico pigs are raised in Free-Range conditions, in a natural and controlled environment”

The best Dehesas in the south-west of
Spain are the perfect habitat for our Iberico pigs. 
Extensive farmlands with a good sprinkling of acorn producing trees and
abundant sunlight space and watering areas constitute the perfect environment
for rearing iberico pigs.  
Just as they would do in the wild, pigs cover daily large distances to
have access to food and water, fact which is key to ensure their meat develops
muscle and abundant marbling, a main characteristic of Iberico meat quality.

The process

“Technology helps us perfection the traditional process”

All our Iberico pieces are dry-cured
in the mountains of the Natural Park of Candelario, village located at 1300
metres above sea level, in the province of Salamanca. Its singular
microclimate, together with its rich vegetation and the slow elaboration
process, makes our Iberico hams to be unique. 
Our Serrano Plant is located in Utiel, at around 900 meters above sea
level, in a Mediterranean area and climate but with continental influences.
This is the reason why our Serranos have special characteristics, being its
aroma, taste, and texture very personal. The one-by-one selection of the best pieces, the exact amount of salt
and the slow dry-curing are key factors in our process. The knowledge and
“Know-How” of four generations of “Maestros Jamoneros”, since 1920, have joined
together with the newest technologies, to inspire a unique personality to each
of our pieces.

How to enjoy

“The best way to enjoy our Jamon is to eat recently hand-cut thin slices”

The low amount of salt used in the elaboration of our hams and the long
dry-cure process, both confer our products with exceptional organoleptic
Probably, the
best way to enjoy our ham is to eat recently hand-cut thin slices, but it is
also ideal to use as main ingredient in the preparation of traditional dishes
and tapas.